How RESTREAM works

The application starts the local server on your PC. You connect your preferred capturing software (like OBS or Xsplit) to it.

You add and configure any destinations. When you start broadcasting RESTREAM will send your stream to all enabled destinations simultaneously.

You can turn destinations on and off at any time and add new destinations on the fly, no need to pause broadcasting.

Windows Defender SmartScreen message

When you start the application, you may see a message "Windows protected your PC". This is only due to the absence of an optional certificate that costs money. But the app is free and we can not purchase it at the moment.

To start RESTREAM please click More info and then Run anyway.

Which formats and protocols are supported

Currently only RTMP supported - the most common video streaming format. It uses links starting with rtmp://.

System requirements

Windows 7 or higher is supported. Only x64 architecture. Any CPU, GPU and RAM > 2GB. But the more productive the better.

Currently only NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 or higher supported for the GPU transcoding.

How to install the application

Download the installer and launch it.

RESTREAM will be installed automatically and launched right after that.

How to uninstall the application

You can do it as usual. Navigate to Control Panel, Programs, Programs and Features, select the application and then click Uninstall.

Where to find the Help section

The Help section can be found in the application itself by clicking on the question mark button.

Where to find the Settings

The Settings section can be found in the application by clicking on the gear button.

The transcoding limit of the GPU

Ordinary GeForce GPUs can be used only for the one or two concurrent transcoding sessions. And this is for your system as a whole, so keep in mind that a session could already be started by other software like OBS.

To learn about video cards capabilities have a look at the NVIDIA GPU Support Matrix page.

Which destination settings to choose

The settings should be based on the recommended parameters of the appropriate video-platform. Remember one thing - if you just want to clone the stream or not sure about the parameter, leave the field blank.

You can import a template with predefined settings for popular platforms!

How to unblock the app in the Firewall

You should allow network access for the application when it will be asked.

To unblock RESTREAM in Windows Firewall navigate to Control Panel, System and Security, Windows Firewall, Advanced settings.

Then find RESTREAM in the Inbound and Outbound rules and allow for both UDP and TCP protocols.

What destination statuses mean

If you see "Broadcasting in progress" - your stream is live right now.

If you see "Waiting for your connection" - the RESTREAM server is not receiving your original stream.

If you see "Broadcasting error - check your URL and Key settings" - you defiantly should check this out.

If you see "Error - you can't use GPU for transcoding this destination" - most likely your GPU does not support transcoding or it's session limit was reached.

If you see "Error - RESTREAM can not transcode your stream" - you should try changing the destination settings, relaunch the application or even restart the PC.

What the Transcoding preset setting do

It switches the video conversion mode. Slow will provide better quality with more resource usage, fast - vice versa.

If you encounter an increased load set this to the Fast.

How to update the application

RESTREAM is updated automatically. If a new version was installed it will be used the next time the application is launched.

You can also check for updates manually in the Settings.

Why is the software in beta

Beta status means that not all the key functions are implemented yet.

But the software is already working and working great. Each update is tested and is production ready.

How to suggest a feature or report a bug

You can do this by email.

Or head over to our Discord server.