Software for multi-platform video streaming and more.

This free software helps streamers all over the world to broadcast on multiple platforms simultaneously.

RESTREAM supports Twitch, Mixer, YouTube and any other existing or future platform.

You can add as many platform targets (destinations) as you want and adjust stream quality for them on the fly.

Latest release version —  0.13.0-rc
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Windows 7 or higher (64-bit)

Convenient and beautiful

Works right out of the box. Simple polished interface.

No fuss with Nginx, FFmpeg or other complex and unfriendly software.

No plugins required. RESTREAM works by itself and allows you to do complex things through a descriptive UI.

Completely free

You can add an unlimited number of platforms.

You can relay or transcode as long as your PC can handle.

No account required, no subscription, no limitations.

High performance

Does not load the system. Uses only those resources that are needed and when they are needed.

The best time-tested solutions are used under the hood.

Fine tuning

Any parameter of your stream can be configured. Or the source value can be used.

Change video and audio bitrates, FPS, video size, transcoding presets and more.

Maximum reach

Uses the most popular RTMP protocol. This means that RESTREAM is compatible with all major platforms.

But you also can use it with little-known or private platforms having thus completeness of adjustment.

Absolutely safe

Works on your computer. Does not collect or transmit any data, even statistics.

Your private keys from platforms are safely stored and of course also do not leave your PC.

Automatic updates improve security.

GPU transcoding

Allows you to use GPU for video encoding.

This will leave your processor cool and accessible for other tasks. CPU usage will not exceed a couple of percent.

Constantly developing

RESTREAM is in active development.

Many new features are planned. More polished design and functions expansion will raise this software to a pro level.

With automatic updates you will always be on the edge.