3/1/2019 — v0.13.0-rc
  • Updated application core engine.
  • Added an icon showing the stability of the stream for destinations.
  • You will receive a notification if any stream becomes unstable (can be disabled in the settings).
  • Significantly improved security.
  • Several optimizations implemented.
  • All found bugs fixed.
12/18/2018 — v0.12.0-rc
  • With this update RESTREAM enters the release candidate phase.
  • User interface polished throughout the application.
  • Errors are now logging to the file.
  • You can also enable debug logging in the settings (which will log additional events).
  • Some optimizations implemented.
  • Several bugs fixed.
11/16/2018 — v0.11.0-beta
  • Stream playback is available - you can watch the stream right from the computer (without any restreaming and servers).
  • You need now to use a secret Key to publish the stream or watch it.
  • You can publish or playback the stream from any computer connecting to the computer with the running RESTREAM.
  • URLs for connection are displayed on the connection addresses window, also setup tips can be found there.
  • You can allow connection from the internet and reset a secret Key in the settings.
  • Button for opening the selected for record folder added.
  • Recorded files names now have a different pattern which should help display them in the explorer in the correct order.
  • Several help articles were added and updated.
  • Lots of improvements in various application systems.
  • Core engine updated.
  • Lots of bugs fixed.
10/19/2018 — v0.10.0-beta
  • The application can automatically be launched at system startup (which is disabled in the settings by default).
  • Updates will now be checked every hour in case you never quit the app.
  • Several bugs fixed (including profile switching).
10/15/2018 — v0.9.0-beta
  • Multiple profiles are available - you can switch, add, duplicate, remove and rename profiles in the settings window.
  • Each profile stores your app settings, configured destinations and recording options, current profile name is displayed at the top left corner of the main window.
  • Help article about profiles management added.
  • Automatic configuration update system improved.
  • RESTREAM will be properly placed after your displays change.
  • Stability improvements and bug fixes.
10/5/2018 — v0.8.0-beta
  • You can share a destination as template in one click right from the app.
  • The ability to duplicate destinations added.
  • Some UI elements style updated.
  • Several bugs fixed.
9/20/2018 — v0.7.0-beta
  • Recording is available - you can now automatically record streams with ease.
  • Have full control over record files and recording sessions with the recording control panel.
  • Use a keyboard shortcut to mark important moments during a record.
  • Help article for recording added.
  • UI design was updated to match one style.
9/16/2018 — v0.6.0-beta
  • Added network usage information.
  • System tray icon added.
  • You can set in the settings to close RESTREAM to tray (by default) or to minimize the app to tray, or both.
  • Tray icon would change while active broadcasting.
  • Some tooltips added and improved.
  • Stability improvements and bug fixes.
8/30/2018 — v0.5.0-beta
  • Original stream's bitrate statistics now displayed among others.
  • New intelligent transcoding system added.
  • Now RESTREAM will transcode only if needed. You can fill in as many settings as you like for destinations, not necessary to leave the fields empty.
  • Application now calculates the recommended settings for your streaming software (based on your destinations settings).
  • A warning will appear if your original stream parameters do not match the recommended.
  • Audio transcoding can be forced off in the settings (and it is off by default).
  • Help section was updated.
  • Stability improvements.
8/23/2018 — v0.4.0-beta
  • Ability to create a destination from a template (via custom protocol).
  • Hints on filling fields for destinations as part of a template.
  • Added tooltips to many buttons.
  • Dialog windows are now more reliable.
8/8/2018 — v0.3.0-beta
  • Configuration file importing and exporting available in the settings.
  • Also added the ability to reset all settings and destinations.
  • Added button to manually check for updates.
8/7/2018 — v0.2.1-beta
  • Font and some colors changed.
  • App icon changed.
  • Interaction using restream:// protocol added.
  • Stability improvements.
4/14/2018 — v0.2.0-beta
  • RESTREAM is in beta.


  • [DONE] Minimizing to tray.
  • [DONE] Stream recording.
  • [DONE] User profiles.
  • [DONE] Custom templates sharing.
  • [DONE] Stream playback directly form the app.
  • Performance and security improvements
    (e.g. keys encryption).
  • Mac version.
  • Localization.
  • Transcoding using AMD GPUs.